Don't Starve Together Update 612374 Patch Notes on June 7th
Patch Notes Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together Update 612374 Patch Notes on June 7th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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Don't Starve Together Update 612374 brings skill trees for Wurt and Winona, a redesign of the Crab King boss fight, and various ocean-related quality of life changes. Players can access the beta branch to test out the new content and provide feedback. Read the full patch notes below.

Don't Starve Together Update 612374 Patch Notes:

Update Information:

Hi everyone, a new beta just released!

This beta features skill trees for Wurt and Winona, the Crab King boss fight redesign and some ocean related quality of life changes.

Instructions for accessing the beta branch can be found here.  As always, we'll be looking for feedback on the new skill trees and content, and tuning them during beta. 

Some notes on Winona's new skills:

  • The final versions of Shadow Strike and Enlightened Strike skills did not make it into this build yet, so currently they both just do the same AOE damage explosion.
  • For G.E.M.erators powered by Enlightened Shards, they should temporarily overload if drained too quickly.  This also did not make it into today's build yet, so enjoy infinite power while you can.

Key additions and changes:

  • Crab King redesign: new behaviors, minions, arena and loot.
  • Sunken Chests: added new exclusive loot - Surprising Seeds and Archaic Boats.
  • Marotters: new creatures found on the coast line.
  • Additional Pirate Raid behavior: they can sometimes be found post raid, carrying loot.
  • Kelp Boat Patch, signs of Powder Monkeys territory on sea stacks, new ocean set pieces, a new Pearl trade and a new Salt Lick made of actual salt! 

Other changes:

  • Improved controller support for the Scrapbook.
  • Stingers will try to auto-stack with nearby ones.
  • Cannons will no longer hit structures and walls on the same boat it was fired from.
  • They will still hit and hurt other things on the same boat like normal.
  • Bootleg now stacks up to 10.
  • Increased maximum active treasure hunts to 10 (from 4).
  • Increased Message in a Bottle's chance to reveal a treasure hunt mark.
  • The Pirate's Bandana now also makes you turn Steering Wheels quickly.
  • Salt Formations are no longer an obstacle when fully mined (boats may go over them).
  • Slightly decreased Malbatross's attack range, boat push force and attack wave speed.
  • Made some fish and fig based crock pot dishes better.
  • Heavy ocean fish will now give an extra (or bigger) fish meat when murdered.
  • Increased Gnarwail, Malbatross  and Skittersquid spawn rates.
  • Decreased Rockjaw damage.
  • Merm Kings will now buff Merms anywhere in the world, including the caves from the forest and the forest from the caves.
  • Added small waterproofness to Pirate's Bandana, Captain's Tricorn and Polly Roger's Hat.
  • Added Message in a Bottle to Crab King’s loot table.
  • Increased Strident Trident damage and uses.
  • Increased Horizon Expandinator view range.

 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed not being able to feed Moon Moths inside Chester or Hutch.
  • Fixed Merm King eating veggie-type fish.
  • Fixed Horizon Expandinator sometimes not showing the on screen overlay when repeatedly equipping and unequipping the hat.
  • Fixed crops not getting protection from wildfires when watered.
  • Fixed not being able to unlock Marble Sculpture scrapbook entries.
  • Fixed some Spilagmite’s scrapbook entry issues.
  • Fixed Mosquito’s explosion damaging creatures in inventories or containers.
  • Removed unused “Grooming Station Kit” item entry from the scrapbook.
  • Fixed Gnarwail not being able to run away from threats properly.
  • Fixed W.O.B.O.T. trying to pick up Traps and Bird Traps.
  • Fixed Lune Trees regrowth only happening during spring. It’s now based on the moon phase.
  • Fixed being able to plant new Mushrooms in Mushroom Planters after reading “Horticulture, Abridged” or “Horticulture, Expanded”.
  • Fixed boat bumpers not playing the proper animation when repaired or damaged.

 Notes for Modders

  • The mod release ID for this patch is R34_OCEANQOL_WINONAWURT.
  • Added AddEmergencyBrakeSource and RemoveEmergencyBrakeSource to boatphysics component for locking a boat’s position in place.
  • Component farmsoildrinker will now correctly send the ms_unregistersoildrinker event in its OnRemoveFromEntity.
  • Component complexprojectile now has a helper function SetHorizontalSpeedForDistance that can calculate its needed horizontal speeds to reach a set distance given the current component’s configuration values.
  • Fixed a debug string outputting incorrect data for dsp component.
  • EntityScript:GetBoatIntersectingPhysics() added to help alleviate boat intersection tests.
  • TECH_SKILLTREE_BUILDER_TAG_OWNERS in constants can be used to remove the need to save tags on characters for preloading equippable items.

You can join in the Discussion Topic here.
If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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Patch Notes Don't Starve Together


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