Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes on June 11th
Patch Notes Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes on June 11th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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In the Destiny 2 Update, the Dev Team have addressed issues across activities, campaigns, raids, and more. From fixing bugs in Crucible and The Pale Heart, the patch aims to improve the overall player experience in the game. Read the full patch notes below.

Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes:



  • Fixed an issue in Collision where capturing a zone while at full Super energy would slightly reduce Super energy.


  • The sky has now changed in the Pale Heart after the events of Salvation's Edge being completed.
    • Requires players to have completed the campaign to see the sky has changed.
  • Fixed an issue where the mote counter status UI would sometimes not appear with the mote collection encounter in The Impasse location.
  • Fixed an issue where certain elements of the Liminality strike would not load upon entering the first area of the Abscess.


  • Fixed an issue in campaign Lost Sectors that would prevent combatants and objectives from spawning.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during the final encounter in the Iconoclasm mission.
  • Fixed an issue where the art shown in Director dialogs when exiting The Final Shape campaign was not appearing correctly.


  • Fixed an issue where Turret upgrade costs were referencing Decoy upgrade costs.



  • Fixed an issue where the Salvation's Edge Carries stat tracker did not properly increment.


  • Fixed an issue where Strand Triumphs added from previously shipped raids had missing strings.



  • Fixed an issue where Grenade Ascension had an incorrect objective string.



  • Fixed an issue where the Risky Archery emote would cause players to become invisible.


  • Fixed an issue where the Knock ‘Em Down Aspect was not increasing the number of projectiles fired by Blade Barrage.
  • Fixed an issue where the Bladefury Super was not granting Woven Mail to nearby allies in PvP with the Into The Fray Aspect equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where players weren't granted the Prismatic subclass if they missed a required cinematic.
    • We’re still investigating an issue where players do not unlock Prismatic if they play the Transmigration mission  with a player who has already unlocked Prismatic.


  • Fixed an issue where players could bypass Lucky Pants cooldown by un-equipping and re-equipping the armor.
  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect description for the Arm's Reach armor mod.


  • Fixed an issue where the Non-Denouement Bow had the wrong damage profile.
  • Fixed an issue where Magnificent Howl could be active for an extended duration.
  • Fixed an issue where the cost for purchasing the Legendary version of Khvostov 7G-0X from collections was lower than intended.

Source: Bungie

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Patch Notes Destiny 2


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