Dave the Diver Update 1.09 Patch Notes on May 29th
Patch Notes Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver Update 1.09 Patch Notes on May 29th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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Dive into the latest patch notes for Dave the Diver, which includes bug fixes to address issues affecting gameplay after the recent update. Check out the details below for the fixes implemented in this hotfix.

Dave the Diver Update 1.09 Patch Notes:

Hello Divers!

We have conducted a hotfix to address some of the issues that occurred after the update.
Please find the details below:

◈ Update Version:

  • Win: v.
  • Mac OS: v.

◈ Update Content

  • Bug fixes

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed an issue where cooldowns for certain functions were not resetting in specific situations
  • Fixed an issue that caused Ebirah to move erratically in certain situations

[Bug Fixes]

1) Fish Farm

  • Fixed an issue where the Fish Farm's breeding rates were not working as intended

2) Display

  • [Post Chapter 7] Fixed an issue that caused an error in the transition scene when travelling to a certain area after 
    • If this issue has occurred, please update the game to progress properly.

3) Sea Exploration

  • Fixed an issue where the game would become unresponsive when pausing and performing certain actions simultaneously

4) Missions

  • [Post Chapter 6] Fixed an issue where the  mission could not be completed in certain situations

5) Sea People Village

  • Fixed an issue that warped the camera perspective when riding the beluga in a specific zone

6) Other

  • Fixed an issue where the game would not continue properly when opening the smartphone during specific situations
  • (Portuguese) Improved the description of the achievement 'Mestre Culinário'

Additional Information

  • If you experience any issues after the patch, please compress the files from the path below and send them to our help center.
  • In case of crashes, freezing, or graphical issues, please refer to the [File Verification Guide] and follow the steps.
%LocalAppData%\..\LocalLow\nexon\DAVE THE DIVER

Mac OS:
~/Library/Logs/nexon/DAVE THE DIVER/Player.log
~/Library/Application Support/nexon/DAVE THE DIVER/SData
~/Library/Application Support/com.nexon.dave/DAVE THE DIVER/SData

Steam Deck:
/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/AppData/LocalLow/nexon/DAVE THE DIVER

◈ Notes
- If there are any changes to the details, we will update you through this notice.
- Please update Dave the Diver on Steam to the latest version for the changes to be applied.

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Patch Notes Dave the Diver


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