Dave the Diver Hotfix v. Patch Notes on July 5th
Patch Notes Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver Hotfix v. Patch Notes on July 5th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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Dave the Diver Hotfix v. has been released to address multiple issues following the latest update. Check out the patch notes below for bug fixes and improvements, including adjustments to missions, the Sushi Restaurant, and sea exploration.

Dave the Diver Hotfix v. Patch Notes:

Hello Divers!

We have conducted a hotfix to address some of the issues that occurred after the update.
Please find the details below:

◈ Update Version:

  • Win: v.
  • Mac OS: v.

◈ Update Content

  • Bug fixes

[Bug Fixes]

1) Missions

  • Fixed an issue where Dave could sometimes not be controlled when hiding behind the rock during the “Take Pictures of Manta Ray” mission
  • [Chapter 6] Fixed an issue in the [spoiler]‘Lost Baby Manatee’[/spoiler] mission where clearing the entrance before the objective [spoiler]‘Find a way to break the ice’[/spoiler] would block progression to the next area

2) Sushi Restaurant

  • Fixed an issue where some texts were not shown in the pop-up when sending ingredients to the Branch
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Show Menu’ did not respond to mouse clicks

3) Sea Exploration

  • Improved awkward movements of some sharks in certain areas of the Blue Hole
  • Fixed an issue where some characters could pass through the map terrain

4) Other Improvements

  • Fixed display issue of UI overlapping in certain circumstances
  • Improved line break of some in-game Smartphone app names
  • Fixed some typos

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Patch Notes Dave the Diver


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