Contraband Police Update 10.4.9 Patch Notes on June 19th
Patch Notes Contraband Police

Contraband Police Update 10.4.9 Patch Notes on June 19th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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The latest Contraband Police Update 10.4.9 brings a fixes and improvements to the game. Issues with companions disappearing to adjusting the layout of text in different languages have been fixed, as well as changes to combat mechanics, graphics, UI elements, and more. Read the full patch notes below.

Contraband Police Update 10.4.9 Patch Notes:


  • Fixed the driver getting stuck when shot while pulling out documents.
  • Fixed fugitive not escaping from the outpost when the driver's seat in his car was occupied.
  • Fixed the combat music playing during inspections.
  • Fixed Maximov not being able to clear the inspection zone when a chase ended at the outpost.
  • Fixed issues related to the start of the post attack during interactions with NPCs.
  • Fixed the cargo notebook not clearing its contents after blowing up a car.
  • Added an inspection summary after a chase.
  • Blocked the ability to move a prisoner to a spot with a dead body.
  • When an NPC gets out of a car on the scale, it no longer changes the car's weight.
  • A fugitive killed in the inspection zone no longer blocks interaction with his goods.
  • The truck scale turns off by itself after a few seconds.
  • The truck scale no longer has a delay in displaying the vehicle's weight.


  • Fixed companions disappearing after loading a game save.
  • Fixed companions not spawning the day after death.
  • Fixed the companion Moscovitch disappearing after upgrading.
  • Fixed the issue with police officers shooting prisoners in the prison.
  • Fixed companion getting stuck in the state of raising and lowering weapons in a loop.
  • Fixed the companion in the car triggering the wrong door opening animation.
  • Fixed missing companion animations during interactions and conversations.
  • Fixed the companion being suspended in the combat state while outside the attacked outpost.
  • Fixed companion running to his last position after fast traveling.
  • Blocked the ability to transport a prisoner to the police car when the seat is already occupied by a police officer.
  • Blocked the appearance of an empty subtitle after upgrading the Comrade Moscowitch.
  • Blocked the companion's comments about bad driving when they are not in the car.
  • The companion does not get into the police car when the player is examining the engine.
  • The companion does not run after the police car if there is no free seat for him.

Campaign Mode:

  • Fixed time progression issues during Campaign Mode missions.
  • Fixed a bug related to killing an NPC in the Labor Camp during the Missing Person mission.
  • Blocked the ability to talk to NPC before defeating all enemies in the Abandoned Hotel mission.
  • The police car siren turns off after completing a mission in the Campaign Mode.

Inspector Mode:

  • Fixed the World Event Congested Streets.
  • Added the possibility of escaping on foot during a chase mission in Inspector Mode.
  • Added the ability to obtain the 'Armed to the Teeth' achievement in Inspector Mode.
  • Blocked the ability to take side missions in Inspector mode during an ambush.


  • Fixed the ability to release prisoners from prison in the Tutorial.
  • Fixed the yellow arrow possitions in the Tutorial when replaying the game.
  • Fixed the issue with restarting the mission on day three of the Tutorial after revisiting the Labor Camp.
  • Fixed the arrows in the tutorial pointing to empty fields when UI visibility is turned off.
  • The megaphone dialogue in the tutorial after cleaning the inspection zone has been delayed.


  • Fixed the low resolution of the Varila 4x4 car.
  • Fixed lamps disappearing after being broken.
  • Fixed overly bright wall in the final scene of the Deadly Blow mission.
  • Fixed outpost lights not being restored after they were destroyed the previous day.
  • Added blood splatters on objects behind shot NPCs.
  • The sirens in the Varila S and Zaved XT patrol cars have been rotated.


  • Fixed the layout of the text displayed after ending the game in Japanese.
  • Adjusted the size of some backgrounds in the Hints Menu.
  • Blocked the ability to enter the menu while fast traveling and upgrading objects on the computer.
  • Changed the way the player and police car icons are displayed on the map.
  • The names of drivers for the Merciful achievement are no longer written in lowercase.
  • The position of the message informing about leaving the mission area has been changed.
  • The Gavrilov's house icon has been removed from the map.


  • Fixed NPCs frozen in a state with raised weapons.
  • Ambushes don't trigger immediately after completing a side mission or pursuit.
  • Fixed the Kill Cam appearing underground when the last opponent was run over.
  • Added car window breaking in Kill Cam view.
  • Restored on-screen messages during the Kill Cam.


  • Fixed issues with obtaining the Hitchhiker achievement.
  • Fixed an exclamation mark above Comrade Maximov's head appearing for no reason.
  • Fixed animal sounds playing multiple times when they die.
  • Added an exclamation mark above the bed at the end of the day.
  • Increased the interaction area with the fourth-level lever.
  • Removed the NPC's interaction panel when he die during the interaction.
  • Removed the bullet hole from the gas cylinder after it explodes.
  • Blocked prisoners escaping from prison in Challenge Mode.
  • Blocked the ability to exit the car when standing next to walls.
  • Prisoners in the Labor Camp no longer run away when a grenade explodes.
  • Arrested innocent NPCs no longer have smuggler dialogues.

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Patch Notes Contraband Police


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