Conan Exiles Update Patch Notes on July 9th
Patch Notes Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Update Patch Notes on July 9th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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The Conan Exiles Update for the June Content is now here, bringing ton of changes and improvements. From DBNO mechanics to visual and audio enhancements, this patch aims to enhance your gaming experience. Read the full patch notes below.

Conan Exiles Update Patch Notes:

Hey folks, we’re rolling out the first Hotfix for the June Content Update right now. You should be able to download the new patch and check out all the changes.

We also updated the modkit to the current version.

Here is the list of changes:

Features - DBNO (Down But Not Out)

  • Revive window prompt is displayed when follower is revived from a distance.
  • Bleedout now shows the correct value.
  • Flesh Bond no longer impacts the Bleedout of the followers in DBNO.
  • Direct hit from an arrow now interrupts the revival process of a follower in DBNO.
  • The DBNO Strike cannot expire while the follower is downed and Bleedout is active.
  • Revive interaction for small pets can now be accessed from all angles, including when the character is mounted.
  • Logging into the server no longer shows zero total health for a follower in DBNO.
  • Proximity for follower revival has been increased.
  • All follower types now register DBNO strikes.


  • Yamatai Tower Sliding Door Frames can no longer be placed inside each other.
  • Yamatai Tower Paper Walls and windows are no longer completely opaque.
  • Yamatai Tower Ceiling Brackets will no longer place in the same spot as square ceilings, and will instead replace them properly.
  • Facial hair no longer clips through Khitan Slaver Bamboo Mask.
  • Sundered Manacles no longer causes player character arms to be invisible when wearing armor sets that cover elbows.
  • Corinthian Bookcase now shows Variable mesh when placed.
  • Corinthian Writing desk now requires stone to craft.
  • Cook Thralls can no longer be placed inside Barachan Castaway Bonfire mesh.
  • Lost Dungeon Curved Ceilings can now be properly placed on top of spiral staircases
  • Visual improvements for Yamatai Tower Fences, Acheronian Seer Skirt, Ophidian Cultist Saddle and Barding, and Corinthian Carpet.
  • Audio improvements for Corinthian Hanging Lamp.
  • Animation improvements for Corinthian Telescope.


  • Fall damage has been removed for all followers.
  • Dense Fog VFX no longer persists after finishing the Witch Hunt random encounter.
  • Darkness spell from Illusionist Witch Hunt now disappears after the encounter completion.
  • Spell effects affecting weather no longer persist after completing the Witch Hunt encounter.

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Patch Notes Conan Exiles


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