Bodycam Update v0.1.2.5 Patch Notes on June 27th
Patch Notes Bodycam

Bodycam Update v0.1.2.5 Patch Notes on June 27th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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In the Bodycam Update v0.1.2.5, multiple fixes and improvements have been implemented. New players can now properly display their rank, V-Sync and gun volume settings are saved, and issues with vote kicking and map collisions have been addressed. Also, exciting new additions such as the MP5 submachine gun, guns lasers, and in-game friend list for hosts have been included. Read the full patch notes below.

Bodycam Update v0.1.2.5 Patch Notes:


  • Can't see rank/Don't have rank : new players had a problem displaying their rank.
  • V-Sync save: the V-Sync parameter is now saved through game sessions.
  • Guns volume save: the sound of weapons is now correctly adjusted and saved.
  • Kick: you can't spam a vote kick anymore.
  • Hospital Map: collision and visual errors were fixed.
  • Music volume bug: one song wasn't properly managed by the volume settings.
  • Lean bug: you can't see through walls anymore.


  • Gun aim speed: some weapons now have their aim speed increased.
  • Leaderboard: by default the leaderboard shows your profile first.


  • New gun - MP5: the MP5 is a submachine gun with a 30-round capacity, less powerful than the UMP45 but with a faster fire rate. It is effective in close-quarter combats.
  • Guns lasers: we have activated a laser on the weapons (default key : L) in addition to the flashlight which can help you to target enemies without needing to aim. Be careful, the laser is visible to everyone. Depending on your feedback we will modify the use of the laser, for example if you prefer it to not be on your weapon every round.
  • Laser key remap: with the addition of the laser, you can change the key (default key is L).
  • Equip/take key: it's now possible to remap the key to take an item/bomb (default key is E).
  • In-game friend list for the host: the host of the game can now invite his friends during the game. To do so, press escape and the list of your friends will appear on the left.
  • Death POV: if all member of your team are dead you will see the other team's POV.


  • Bodycam now supports Steam game bans.

Source: Bodycam Discord

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Patch Notes Bodycam


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