Bodycam Patch Notes on June 12th
Patch Notes Bodycam

Bodycam Patch Notes on June 12th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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In the latest patch notes for Bodycam, the changes have reduced spawn time in Deathmatch mode and a 50% reduction in size for the TumbleWood map to improve performance. Also, a new Grain correction setting has been added to allow players to turn off grain in their graphics settings, and a new server list section has been introduced for joining games that have just started. Read the full patch notes below:

Bodycam Patch Notes on June 12th:


  • Deathmatch Spawn time reduced
  • TumbleWood :The map has been reduced by 50% to increase performance. We have also added some small points of interest from the airsoft map.


  • Grain correction: Settings > Graphic Settings > Grain > You can now turn off the grain for some of you having bug with it
  • Server list : addition of a new section with the games which have just started and which we advise you to join

Bodycam Patch Notes on June 10th:


  • Spawn in deathmatch has been modified to avoid spawn kills as much as possible.
  • Quickplay will not join Training Range lobbies Anymore.
  • Private Server bugs are fixed sometimes players managed to join private lobbies
  • Lobby Accessibility is now saved and can be change ingame : Pause > Lobby > Settings > Lobby Access > Public or Friends Only
  • Same ingame name for teammates

Possibility of buying item without having the amout of R. : We saw you take advantage of it but we're not going to say anything this time


NEW GUN : FN FAL mix between a sniper and an AR with a lot of damage but a slower rate
Game Build - Now you can only join people who have the same game update as you. This avoids certain connection problems : Game build are showcase in the server list, if you have a lower version than other players you need to update the game to join them !

  • Rpoints used for obtain skins are now drop at every kills : To prevent lost from leaving and gaining nothing
  • Sharpness Option > if you find that the game is too blurry: settings > graphics > scroll until you see Sharpness
  • Host player information : More UI information in menus to help new players!
  • Kick option : we are reworking the voting system which will be less punitive for the players


  • worn house : the spawn has been reversed to avoid the advantage of the bomber in the basement The basement is undergoing renovations after multiple bombs have destroyed it
  • We will introduce soon as voted the map called Abandonned Hospital first, we will keep you informed when it is updated


  • If you have any performance issue please read this documentation
  • Players who updated first will have difficulty connecting, however since this update this should no longer be a problem (for the next one)


  • Drone cant be shoot
  • Windows Mode By default
  • Deathmatch Spawn

Souce: Bodycam Discord

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Patch Notes Bodycam


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