ASKA Monday Hotfix Patch Notes on July 1th
Patch Notes ASKA

ASKA Monday Hotfix Patch Notes on July 1st

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

The ASKA Monday Hotfix include bug fixes for issues like targeting AI, patrol routes, and stamina synchronization. Also, some quality of life improvements like more coal storage and improved food durability. Read the full patch notes below.

ASKA Monday Hotfix Patch Notes:

Hey Vikings, thank you for your continued reporting and feedback.

We’ve been working super hard today and have another hotfix that we are rolling out now!

Squashing those bugs:

  • Added a log message (into player.log) to indicate the serialisation error in case a save game session is failing.
  • Fixed the Targeting AI sometimes not losing their targets and remaining in the combat state forever
  • Fixed warriors tasked with a patrol route as they were sometimes getting stuck in training for the entire working day and ignoring their patrol routes if they had searched for equipment.
  • Rangers will now recover their arrows when leaving the archery range to continue their patrol route.
  • Fixed an issue where Villager stamina would not be synchronised for the clients
  • Fixed an issue with the Barracks workers where they were sometimes not attacking the dummies during training due to a floating point error in their stamina range.
  • Fixed villagers hoarding food instead of finding weapons and vice versa when preparing for work
  • Fixed barbecue exploit where it was possible to pick up an ingredient right before is cooked and would duplicate it and sometimes cause errors
  • Fixed melee warriors sometimes not training
  • Fixed bug causing builders to get stuck when looking for equipment with full inventory
  • Fixed saving error caused by dismantling a patrol marker which was part of a route without warriors assigned

It’s about the little things:

  • Added more coal storage for the coal-maker
  • Food durability has been improved
  • Added more HP to the walls and gates

We’re overwhelmed with your passion and enthusiasm for ASKA and as always will endeavor to keep improving upon the game in this Early Access period.

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Patch Notes ASKA


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