Palworld to Drop Major Summer Update; Arena Mode Delayed to Summer 2024
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Palworld to Drop Major Summer Update; Arena Mode Delayed to Summer 2024

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Exciting news for Palworld fans as Pocketpair has announced plans for a big update coming this summer. The update will introduce a new island with a new species of Pals, along with new buildings, weapons, and more. This major update is set to enhance the gameplay experience and bring fresh content to the world of Palworld.

Additionally, Pocketpair has teased the upcoming Arena mode, which is expected to arrive later this year. The studio clarified that the Arena mode will not be released this summer despite a teaser trailer stating otherwise. Apologies were issued for the confusion, and the team is working diligently to ensure the Arena mode is ready for players in due time.

In the meantime, Pocketpair has released a new update to address issues impacting Xbox players since the game's v0.2.0.6 patch. This update, which introduced the game's first raid boss, fixed a bug causing save data to not load correctly. Players were advised not to load multiplayer data until the issue was resolved.

The latest patch, detailed below, not only addresses the save data loading bug but also fixes issues with the egg incubator and raid boss achievements. As a temporary solution, chat has been disabled to prevent further complications related to the multiplayer data loading bug.


  • Fixed a bug preventing save data from loading correctly in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue with the egg incubator not functioning properly.
  • Resolved a bug that prevented raid boss achievements from unlocking.
  • Bug reports and credits are now accessible in-game.
  • Improved loading times on Xbox Series.

With these updates and improvements, Palworld continues to evolve, offering players an engaging and seamless gaming experience. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Pocketpair as they continue to expand the world of Palworld.

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