Marvel Rivals Dev Team Apologizes for Restrictive Contract: Fans React
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Marvel Rivals Dev Team Apologizes for Restrictive Contract

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

In a recent tweet from the Marvel Rivals dev team, they openly apologized for the controversial contract terms that caused a stir among players during the closed alpha test. The agreement, which restricted negative criticism, faced quick backlash from the gaming community.

Following the uproar, the dev team swiftly issued an official apology, expressing regret for any unpleasant experiences and acknowledging the confusion and frustration caused by the restrictive terms. They assured fans of upcoming revisions to provide creators with more lenient and Creator-friendly terms, aiming to rectify the situation and uphold transparency.

The response from fans has been largely positive, with many appreciating the developers' acknowledgment of the issue and their commitment to addressing concerns. This move reflects the team's dedication to fostering an open and collaborative relationship with the player base.

While the closed alpha test for Marvel Rivals only commenced recently, leaks of the game's character roster and gameplay mechanics have already surfaced online. Data miners uncovered a roster of 39 popular characters, offering fans a glimpse into the diverse lineup awaiting them in the game. Additionally, leaked gameplay footage has provided insight into the unique abilities and combat dynamics of these characters.

Although an official release date for Marvel Rivals is yet to be confirmed by NetEase, the closed alpha test serves as a promising preview of what's to come. Fans eagerly anticipate further updates and announcements as the game's development progresses.

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