You Gotta Believe
Movies You Gotta Believe

You Gotta Believe

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Theatre Release: TBA
Digital Release: Aug 30, 2024 (PG)

After dedicating the season to a teammate’s ailing father, a group of underestimated Ft. Worth youth baseball players takes its Cinderella run all the way to the 2002 Little League World Series—culminating in a record-breaking showdown that became an instant ESPN classic.

Luke Wilson
Greg Kinnear
Sarah Gadon
Lew Temple
Michael Cash
Etienne Kellici
Molly Parker
Patrick Renna
Connor McMahon
Blake DeLong
Jacob Soley
Gavin MacIver-Wright
Josh Reich
Nicholas Fry
Jordan Sawyer
Ali Hassan
Christopher Seivright
Davide Fair
Jacob Mazeral
Seth Murchison
Scott Mackenzie
Phoenix Ellis
Evan Hasler
Zachary Cox
Taylor Hunt Wright
Zachary Morton
Ashley Emerson

Genres: Family, Drama

More Info: TMDB

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Movies You Gotta Believe


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