White Bird
Movies White Bird

White Bird

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Theatre Release: Oct 4, 2024
Digital Release: Apr 18, 2024 (IT)

Julian, the bully who left Beecher Prep, is visited by his Grandmère from Paris and is transformed by her remarkable story of compassion and courage. As a girl in Nazi-occupied France, the young Grandmère goes into hiding with the help of a schoolmate, a young man who risks everything to give her the chance to survive. Together, they find beauty and love in the secret world of their own creation.

Ariella Glaser
Orlando Schwerdt
Bryce Gheisar
Gillian Anderson
Helen Mirren
Jo Stone-Fewings
Patsy Ferran
Stuart McQuarrie
Olivia Ross
Ishai Golan
Nadine Leon Gobet
John Bubniak
Jim High
Philip Lenkowsky
James Beaumont
Teagan Stark
Priya Ghotane
Yelisey Kazakevich
Jem Matthews
Sam Talacko
Timon McLean
Selma Kaymakci
Lily Huong Mac
Adam Bakule
Anise Napoleao dos Reis
Jordan Cramond
Laura Hudečková

Genres: Drama

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Movies White Bird


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