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Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Release Date: 1st August 2024
Run Time: 113 Minutes

A tough, working-class petty criminal is drawn into the treacherous world of diamond smuggling and morphs into an anti-heroine to be reckoned with in the murky underworld.

Colm Meaney
Sean Pertwee
Stephanie Beacham
Colin Egglesfield
Charlotte Kirk
Philip Winchester
Yan Tual
David Chevers
Harvey Dean
Hoji Fortuna
Alex Morgan
Boris Martinez
Iván Hermés
Pau Poch
Ignacio Herráez
Boré Buika
Jota Jota Ramos
Judy Donovan
Antonio Coman
Giada Falzoni
Mellissa Laycy
Carl Briedis
Annine Ngesang
Joana Pastrana
Borja Saavedra

Genres: Action, Crime

Budget: -

More Info: IMDB

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