Coven of the Black Cube
Movies Coven of the Black Cube

Coven of the Black Cube

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Theatre Release: TBA
Digital Release: Aug 2, 2024 (NR)

A mysterious coven helps unhappy wives murder their husbands. A deadbeat stoner turns a pizzeria into a video rental headshop, and a lost soul falls in love with a serial killer, in this queer romance cursed by black magic and the occult!

Morrigan Thompson
Josh Schafer
Annie Mitchell
Kasper Meltedhair
Aja Long
Ella Healy
David Nelson
Tina Krause
Joe Swanberg
Chris Seaver
Andrew Baltes
Meredith Host
Carl J. Sukenick
Nicholas DeGideo
X Menzak
Josh Christensen
Francis Kano
Michelle Nightwitch
Elijah LaFollette
Emily Miner
Steven Reifsteck
Jessica Reifsteck
Del Worshim
Erin Caywood
Josh Dressel
TV's Avery
Daniel Gutter
Brewce Longo
Quebec Logan
Bobby Tre
Elise Brady
Jakob Battick
John Milam
Rich Klauf
J Valdalismo
Richard Spider
Timothy Jenkins
Slasher Dave
Mike Tuff
Phil Warren
Anthony Moran
Rob Curbivore Chase
Jared Rexer
Mike Zaleski
Ren Clark
Lauren Ladner
Rachel Drane
Maggie McCaffrey
Hannah Good
Samee Kirk
Karen Skull
Hillary Bedeian
Unholy Altar

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Movies Coven of the Black Cube


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