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Chapman Speaks

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Theatre Release: TBA
Digital Release: Nov 1, 2024 (NR)

Chester Chapman--the host of America's #1 news talk show--faces censorship from the authoritarian government his show helped inspire.

Max Ater
Kaddie Sharpe
Avery Joan-Faust
Nick Iammatteo
Jason Iannone
Lora Laffan
August Thornton
Cody Curtis
Bill Wood
Michael Hambrock
Aaron Kircheis
Jason Bannister
Ken Stack
Rylan Richardson
Bill Finger
Tucker Whelan
Owen Kirkpatrick
Patrick Lawler
Collin Peterson
Bailey Arruda
Daniel Hess
Larry Ayotte
Rosie Andlauer
Phil Andlauer
Matthew Meunier
Sierra Whaley

Genres: Drama

More Info: TMDB

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Movies Chapman Speaks


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