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Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Theatre Release: TBA
Digital Release: Aug 2, 2024 (R)

A secret of turning flesh into glass breaks down ____'s reality when she trips in the BBQ Salon, busting rusting immortal goop onto the faces of herself, Movie Star, and Character Name. Blasts party murder of self inflicting wads of death are in the agenda after a green amulet confusion, forever, until the wood chipper reveals the dusty trick. But who are these men with Gartan Galtar and why do they dance so preciously?

Kasper Meltedhair
Erin Caywood
Cody Brant
Josh Christensen
Brent Grant
Brewce Longo
Eli Elliot
Andy Heck Boyd
Mason Roberts
Elise Brady
Richard Stankiewicz
Donald Farmer
Natalia Michele
Ted Gilbert
Josh Schafer
Nicholas DeGideo
Del Worshim
Michelle Nightwitch
Matthew W Flynn
Jon Kobryn
Ben Stansbery
Blake Giancali
Grave Drzymala
JP Dalton
Geoff DiBattista
Zach Zehner
Christopher Mazeika
Joshua Mahesh
Lauren Ladner
Mitchell Smith
Kaire High
Guy Treszi
Jakob Battick
Elizabeth D'Ambrosio
Federico Feu
Carla Dickie
Newt Wallen

Genres: Horror

More Info: TMDB

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Movies Busted Babies


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