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Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Release Date: 8th August 2024
Run Time: 96 Minutes

12-year-old Mildred’s life is turned upside down when her mother lands in hospital and estranged, American magician father, Strawn Wise, comes to look after her. Hoping to entertain the bookish tween, Strawn takes Mildred camping in the notoriously rugged New Zealand wilderness, and the pair embark on the ultimate test of family bonding – a quest to find the mythological beast known as the Canterbury Panther.

Elijah Wood
Michael Smiley
Nell Fisher
Morgana O'Reilly
Nikki Si'ulepa
Vanessa Stacey
Theo Shakes

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Family

Budget: -

More Info: IMDB

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