Athena Saves Christmas
Movies Athena Saves Christmas

Athena Saves Christmas

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Release Date: 23rd November 2024
Run Time: 101 Minutes

Samuel and his friends along with his trusted dog Athena have to go for the adventure of a lifetime, matching wits with a mob boss to solve Oscar's riddles in order to help Athena save Christmas for the whole town.

Cuba Gooding Jr.
Glenn Plummer
Richard Portnow
Robert Miano
Mars Callahan
Joseph Baena
Johnny Williams
Michael Girgenti
Silvia Spross
Paxton Kubitz
Ludovica Frasca
Julian Sensley
Lawrence Whitener
Daniel Cobden
Kaitlyn Raymond
Peyton Noga
Danielle Bessler
Reese Alzona
King Blake
Kylie Marshall
Santiago Ramos Ramirez
Joey Napoli
Chris Camaj
Jay Flats
Rema Fazal
Melissa Nunnally
Robert Goon
Tony Mercedes
Kalia Jade Taylor
Michael Goff
Jacqueline Pirkle
Jacob O'Keefe
James Hernandez
Tamara Johnson
Ahmed Alabdi
Michelly Gomes
Rebecca Lennon
Ryanne Parker
Ryan O'Keefe
Sabyr Owens
Solly Alter
Oscar Erazo
Sean Johnson
Vito Clemente
Samson Crouppen
The Wicker Twinz
Kai Cane
Michelle Gnomes
Tony Johnson
Jarvis Reed

Genres: Adventure, Drama, Family

Budget: $2,000,000

More Info: IMDB

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Movies Athena Saves Christmas


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