A Dusty Trip Tix Locations Guide for Roblox Classic Event
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A Dusty Trip Tix Locations Guide for Roblox Classic Event

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Are you ready to embark on a dusty adventure in Roblox's The Classic event? Look no further as we guide you through the Tix locations in the game to help you collect them all. Get your engines revved up and start your search for these elusive Tix!

All A Dusty Trip Tix Locations

Note: To begin your quest for the A Dusty Trip Tix, make sure to enter a Classic lobby.

  • TIX #1: The first Tix awaits you on the table in the house where you spawn, right next to the gun.
  • TIX #2: Drive approximately 2000 miles to discover the second Tix tucked away in the corner of a blue building.
  • TIX #3: At a similar distance from the previous Tix, keep an eye out for a red house perched on a mountain where the third Tix can be found.
  • TIX #4: Double your mileage and spot the fourth Tix on the right side of a bridge next to a fence.
  • TIX #5: Midway across the same bridge, another Tix is waiting for you on the right-hand side.
  • TIX #6: When you reach the pirate ships at around 6000 miles, head to the lower floors of the second vessel to locate Tix #6 near a barrel.
  • TIX #7: Explore the haunted house at approximately 8000 miles and make your way to the second floor. You'll find Tix #7 on the dresser in the master bedroom.
  • TIX #8: After grabbing Tix #7, step outside and behind the house to discover another Tix waiting for you on the left.
  • TIX #9: Hit the 10,000-mile mark on your journey and stumble upon the Roblox HQ skyscraper. Venture into its basement to uncover another Tix.
  • TIX #10: In the vicinity of the Roblox HQ building, another structure hides a Tix in its basement, marking the final one in your collection.

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